ANGRUP Defence is a privately owned Turkish company which has been developing indigenous software, hardware and integrated solutions for defence and security areas. ANGRUP’s facilities are located at Gazi Technopolis Area and İstanbul / Tuzla / Turkey

50 years of international trade experience.

ANGRUP Defence posseses special expertise in ;

  • Unmanned System

  • Simulation Systems

  • Military Communication Systems

  • Electronic Warfare Systems

  • Public Safety Communication Systems

  • Command Control Communications Computer Systems

  • Avionics and Navigation Systems

  • Naval Systems

  • Cryptography  and Information Security Systems

  • Electro Optic Systems

  • Radar Systems

  • Crime analysis

  • Cyber Security solutions "offensive, defensive, passive, and active"

  • Radars (passive) long range, and fire finders

  • Low profile devices used for interception and anti spying

  • Military speed boats and supports boats

  • Special protection for governments and very important persons.

  • Training police units

  • Training intelligence units

  • Training the Armed Forces